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Glaubendorf 2

Glaubendorf 2

This remarkable triple-ditch KGA has 5 entrances which follow a hexagonal pattern where the northernmost entrance (at azimuth 20°) has been omitted.

The entrance at azimuth 265° coincides well with equinox sunset in almost 5 degrees altitude, but other entrances do not offer astronomical explanation. There is also no clear correlation with terrain slope, although the entrance at 326° is exactly on today’s surface contour line, but with 5 entrances it is likely one can be fit to 4 terrain-related directions.

If the not quite radial entrance at 145° is followed in its direction of 140°, this correlates with the southern lunar major standstill. There is almost no other clear evidence for lunar connections, however, so the intentionality of this orientation must be questioned.

This KGA is worth a visit. A small wooden tower allows a view over the field where the monument has been made visible by plants and mowing.